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RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
78City of Chances 01966ftw3Glory2Hypnotoad2Highdrophiliac0
53Titter with the Blue Robin 61966ftw10scottpontiac10evil_weevil7
47Professional Gamer 11966ftw1EDR70cesarjulius0
43Round43Blues 3Kauldren31966ftw2nablaman3
38Goodbye For Now 41966ftw3tw84923PresidentRaggy2
37CRATER 51966ftw5Mad_Cowboy4scottpontiac5
35Christmas In No Man's Land 71966ftw6Glory2Hypnotoad7zeronine6
34Off My Rocker 51966ftw6IAmDanMarshall7Whohash8
32Will To Survive 71966ftw3MdShakesphere2wLudwig6
31The Canticle of the Brothers Bulger (aka the Anthem Ballad of Whitey Bulger) 81966ftw8scottpontiac7nickyeyez7
29Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 11966ftw6RetroTheft2cesarjulius4
27Free to Be Me 21966ftw4acb56495cesarjulius0


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