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RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
58End Of The World As We Know It 0cesarjulius1-0Sleeper2560
47Professional Gamer 11966ftw1EDR70cesarjulius0
46NeonIsTheBloodOfTheCity 5cesarjulius6EDR74wanttobeacop4
45Your Crying Game 7cesarjulius6grahamlester2nowantOAG7
42Dreaming of the Jungle 7cesarjulius6grahamlester7cesarjulius6
36Benny Harrison 4tgpo5wordsmithe6cesarjulius4
30Ninety-Five 3CONelson6quaint282cesarjulius5
29Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 11966ftw6RetroTheft2cesarjulius4
28Entropy 6cesarjulius7Retrotheft8Ayavaron3
27Free to Be Me 21966ftw4acb56495cesarjulius0
24For So Long, Girl (f/ Freddy A 13cesarjulius7iamdoubleplusungood9stopthatrobot13
23Brand New World 9cesarjulius11Glory2Hypnotoad7Ayavaron9


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