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WebsiteNot specified
Tools/GearAbleton Live, Epiphone LP Trad. Pro Ltd., Fender Mustang, M-audio keyboard, Trevor James flute

RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
115Swamp Monster PdlourencoMatchboxdanAgitat0r
115A Florida State of Mind pdlourencoamidsummernightdreamfishtaco567
113Fado de una pátria perdida 8pdlourenco10diegoflg211bandpuppy10
112Mission Failed 0h2g2_researcher7MetalAura3pdlourenco0
112Trippin' in Little Italy 5pdlourenco10BeesAreFliesWithKniv13agitat0r10
111Let Me Out 0seeds_2aplos93pdlourenco2
111Time is running out 3pdlourenco8agitat0r7agitat0r5
110Will She Won't She? 0dr1ftsh1ft5h2g2_researcher4pdlourenco1
109Drowning 0pdlourenco4shagunbear1Dosnish0
108The Kings And The Queens Are Dying 5pdlourenco9E-B-Gb-Ab-Bb4pdlourenco5
107Alive Again 4pdlourenco7Aplos95scottpontiac6
104Harry Hairstander's House of Horrors 0Pdlourenco7cryomance7DeadPlatypus5
102Sixty Second Sammy Smith 3pdlourenco6mathgeek0079wludwig7
98This is not The End 1pdlourenco5h2g2_researcher5pdlourenco0
96Odd 1pdlourenco0colin_kaepnodick1antiriku9300


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