Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

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Bandit Info
WebsiteNot specified
Tools/GearAn old computer Guitar and Bass

RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
72You're My Rose 1scottpontiac2tgpo4Amosdoll2
71Don't You Call Again 1Amosdoll1tgpo1Amosdoll5
68Don't Swipe My Phone 2scottpontiac3tgpo3scottpontiac1
44Join Us 8E-B-Gb-Ab-Bb8tgpo6Sindas5
43AtMidnight 4Morbuzaan4tgpo5BoredMai7
42RealFear 2mitchkombat0tgpo7Morbuzaan0
41Marios Quest 5tgpo5wekulm5donttouchthatknob6
38Whats The Deal 7Brewbird7tgpo5aplen228
37Front to Back 5E-B-Gb-Ab-Bb4tgpo6idrinkmusic1
36Benny Harrison 4tgpo5wordsmithe6cesarjulius4
33Hey You 7tgpo7Hi_mynameis_Matt7donttouchthatknob8
32Give it All You Got 7IAmTriumph6tgpo4imtryingtbniceperson6
29Five by Five 5tgpo6all_aflunters5imtryingtbniceperson5
28Minimal 4Sha424tgpo3Small_Child2
27In Peace 9freddy_schiller11tgpo9te2435
26Time of their lives 3tgpo7adventurerseth4manuknighted131
25Icarys 7tgpo6kingpumpkin3Nighttyme_0
23Let's Have Some Fun (Shark Attack!) 12tgpo13acb56497Nighttyme_12
22I Saw Him Standing There 3Ayavaron5tgpo4Ayavaron4
21The Blood of Angels 7Brewbird8tgpo6AdventurerSeth5
20Miles Apart 2B-Rumba4tgpo2tgpo2
19Into the Unknown 8Brewbird5tgpo7wLudwig10
18Dear Lydia 14Brewbird13tgpo7aplen2210


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