Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Pendragon 2020

This song was created for Game of Bands round 123 : "Modernized Fairy Tales"


Verse 1

Shadows fall over Capitol Hill
Legends warned that this dark day may come
When this old house divided can’t stand
And they cry out for a chosen one

As the senators bicker and shout
With no end to the gridlock in sight
And the president’s off playing golf
Won’t someone come and set it all right

He rides in on his trusty white steed
From no party, just one man alone
Before congress he asks for the floor
With the sword that he pulled from the stone


He’s no politician
But he’ll let freedom ring
A man with a mission
That’s fit for a king


Chosen by destiny
He’s leader we need
Vote for Pendragon 2020

If you want to live free
Follow the prophecy
Arthur Pendragon 2020

Verse 2

Don’t know much about healthcare reform
No position on budgets and trade
But he stands by the oath that he’s sworn
And just look at that marvelous blade

Some might say that we can’t choose who leads
By some sea hag who’s handing out swords
But can that truly be any worse
Than the people our parties put forth?




I’m Arthur Pendragon and I approve of this message


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