Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The fairy and the musician

This song was created for Game of Bands round 123 : "Modernized Fairy Tales"


Struggling musician, encounters a Faerie who will give them musical prowess in exchange for their soul. They become successful and influential, build riches, but they feel unfulfilled. At the end of their life, the Faerie collects their soul and they realize they had wasted their life.

There’s no ideas
My well is tapped dry
Creativity has
Gone by
Nobody buying in
My wallet's empty

What do I have
to live for now?
I’d do anything
Give it all away
To have the feeling
I’ve succeeded today

Hello there friend
I see You’re at wits end
But I’m here
With some magic to lend

If you do what I say
You’ll leave here today
Feeling so gay
With music to play

I’m a mystical fairy
Let's make a deal
And if willing
Your art I will heal
Just one small fee
Is all that I ask
Your soul to me
And then to my task
I’ll give you more talent
Than you could believe
You will succeed

I have no choice
Could I even refuse?
Give me my voice
Become my new muse

This music will give me
All I ever wanted
respect for free
No longer unwanted

My joys shall be many
The pleasures all mine
The joys all plenty
My pleasures so fine

Your time is closing friend
You've approached your end
I did my part, made your music whole
Now it’s time
To collect your soul

It’s true Faerie
You did your part
I had everything
And successful art

But now i realize
I’m not full and still low
I gained the whole world
And sold my soul


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