Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 123 : "Modernized Fairy Tales"


Inspired by 'The Firebird and Princess Vasilisa'


On the lake, my cursed hands
wished for some rowing
when a handsome thief came
stole my gaze and heart
On that lake, my cursed hands
wished for some loving
poison and abduction
tainted in seduction
broke my mind

No more
No more
pray the Firebird will make them burn!
they will all say ‘oh please no more’
No more
No more
They all will be boil
and their bodies burnt
will be my spoil
They will all boil x3

Far away, my name
dyes red, reeks death
realize it’s no surprise
my breath is meth
in the land of the Cosa Nostra.

No more, I am not meant to be your little whore
No more, make them burn!
I am not meant to be your bride, I won’t
In the fire they’ll scream ‘no more’

No more
and when their flesh boils they’ll feel my wrath (They’ll boil x4)
His desire will be his last
your Godfather will know my roar
my wishes are of my own
and their ashes will be my spoil

My dim hope faints by the lone sea
if you want to be my groom, then let me be
I’ll cook, such a tasty soup
that you would never have to dream again.

Are you a god or man of clay?
If so behave
If you're daring and so willing as you seem to be
by the grace of the Firebird release my hands back to me
I'll marry and cook for you
if you want our wishes to be truth

And I'll make a soup to celebrate
(to celebrate)
bring your best friend
that handsome thief
to celebrate
you are gonna melt
I’ll put extra oil
to give it taste
(to celebrate)

the fire burns in me
I’ll spread my wings
and then I’ll take your reign
your petty handsome thief
may have my heart
but you won’t have choice to burn
and see us rise.

Finally free, with your new one in command
I melt his face... he didn’t comply
he is now more pretty I find
and I rise no longer human but as flame


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