Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Night Scene

This song was created for Game of Bands round 124 : "Night"


Wait for me
What's the hurry
Let me breathe

I want to sit down
These silent sounds
Make me drown

It's a rat race
I'm a disgrace
Why do I care about saving face?

It's a cold wind through the air
I do not care
No not anymore
Break open the door

The wind, rush through my face
I don't bother to tie my lace
I run
Because it's fun

I hear the howls, of the wolves
But these howls no longer scare me
I would rather run on this grass
Because they choose to bear me

I run fast
I run past
These trees that stand and stare
At the flicker that was never even there

Why do we even bother to be
And bother to do
When nature has no worries
The one with worries is you

I run, I run with the breeze
This moment is mine to sieze
Forget the office and his dusty files
I choose to run in this while

It's an empty street
No one to meet
Except perhaps a certain part of me
A part that is
My very soul
Forget the riddles, let go of the whole


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