Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Good Night's Sleep

This song was created for Game of Bands round 124 : "Night"


Georgie Peorgie,
pudding and pie,
kissed the girls,
and made them die
Perfume from some posies
fill up your breath
if your cheeks get rosie
it means bubonic death
London Bridge stands so tall
it's never falling down
because a boy is in the bedrock
cemented in and drowned
Jack and Jill snuck up the hill
but John fell down and died
such a cost for a little thrill
as Jill she wept nearby
Married to another
She buried Jack in earth
Returned back to her husband
Then died while giving birth
Sleep little princess,
thru the dark night,
watch out for the monsters
and the bedbug's bite.
Close your eyes
So you can't see
Three blind mice
as their severed tails bleed.
Mary's torture garden grew
with blood from silver bells
Squeezed and crushed till they were through
the bleeding cockle shells
Humpty Dumpty fell apart
had no time to rebuild
the cannon for army defense
So all the troops were killed
There was an old lady
in a shoe box sized place
there were so many children
she made plans for their fates
No kids could ever start
a child protective case
she beat them and she fed them
broth that's poison laced
Lady bug, lady bird
left your kids alone
just one survived the burning house
because you weren't home
You'll do the hokey pokey
if you run away
dip your hands in burning oil
and feet too if you stray
Little Jackie Horner
did and took his deed
Sentenced his boss to slaughter
A mansion for his greed
Around the mulberry bush
is all you are allowed
if you need some exercise
while in the prison crowd
Sleep little princess,
and if you never wake
a goddess waiting, hoping
your soul is there to take
You hear the bells of Clement's?
they'll chop right off your head
oranges and lemons
lit candle for your bed.


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