Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Out of Strength

This song was created for Game of Bands round 124 : "Night"


I save my strength for the day
Where I can't crack, and I can't creak
I use all my strength for the day
Then at night ... I'm ... weak

I miss the sound of your heartbeat
The way your body moves as you breathe
Feeling your breath upon my chest
And the sweet scent of your hair
The fingertips pressed into my back
Keeping me close in the inky black
I want the taste of one last kiss
To see me through this darkness

Lights go out; I drop my guard
And lay awake, breathing hard
The empty space next to me
Whispers close: "you're so ugly"

I need escape. I need to sleep.
But if I sleep then I start to dream.
I dream I'm dying and no one cares
And when I wake there's no one there
I dream I'm falling through the dark
I can't see the ground through the murk
In the distance fires burn
I'm going to crash far from home

I dream I'm old and still alone
And forgot how to be social
But still I try, but can't understand
Why no one will lend a hand
Calling out. No one's receivin'
I pray to gods I don't believe in
I need to scream and yell and shout
But no one can hear; I cry my eyes out

I lay awake. I need my strength today.
I've got to hide how my soul is torn
I've got to sleep. I need my strength today.
If I'm going to face the dawn.


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