Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Photons Break

This song was created for Game of Bands round 124 : "Night"


Verse 1/Introduction:
You say that you’re
Afraid of the dark
I tell you that you’re
You say that you
Don’t want to go out
But I am [telling/asking] you
To try it.

Truth and honesty all come
When you just take away the sun

Photons break all over your retina
And I can take them all away
If you’ll just take my hand
I’ll show you something better than day

Verse 2:
The darkness of the night
Has nothing to hide
When there’s no light to obscure it
With light there must come shadow
And I see you seem unsettled,
I see you want to avoid it.

Prechorus (optional)
Chorus (optional)

Verse 3:
I think I know you see the night
Like shadows all being set free
But I can show you otherwise
If you’ll just come with me
Truth and honesty all come
When you just take away the sun


Middle 8:
The sound of breaking glass
Is music to my ears
I want you to feel
What the dead man fears
As we trample on this town of ours
In the dead of night
His successors lust for sex and ruin
Has made him toss and writhe
He is fooling himself if he thinks
He never felt this way
He holds his head in hands
And cries until the day

Prechorus (optional)
Chorus (optional)

Verse 4:
You wear your fears
In the flush of your face
It suits you well enough
I am curious about how
You can be so afraid
And not just find it fun

Prechorus (optional)
Chorus (optional)

Outro (optional):
Let’s do this late or do it never
Ten minutes and you’re here to stay
You wear your fear like a silver veil
I left mine burning in an ashtray


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