Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Ballad Of E.T.

This song was created for Game of Bands round 126 : "80's Science Fiction"



In a sunny little town in California,
Things can happen I just gotta warn ya,
If you believe then know you can achieve it,
But you can't believe until you have seen it.

A gentle creature left behind in this world,
Everything it knew so quickly came unfurled,
Alone and scared in a foreign landscape,
With no clue just on how to escape -

Running from a man with keys on his belt,
How to play this hand that's been dealt?
He meets a boy who might rescue him,
If he can find the courage to let him in.

Just let him in...

In a world worlds away from this one,
A group of aliens realize they missed one,
Too scared to go back until it's clear,
Tiny aliens have so much to fear -

Back on Earth, and terrified for his life,
The alien hides anywhere not in sight,
Some Reece's Pieces bring him out to say hi,
This little boy just might save his life,

Now inside, he needs communication,
To put an end to his unwanted vacation,
Here on Earth, something's out to get him,
And he can't just leave of his own whim,

ET phone home...

With the help of the boy and his family, (pronounce: fam-lee for better flow)
Builds a device to get him what he needs,
Getting closer to getting out of this place,
Feeling sicker, but has to keep the pace,

The man with the keys still gives pursuit,
He has to hide or else it's been moot,
The alien doesn't want captivity,
It's less than his favorite activity,

Back to life, it's time to run, run, run,
It's time to go even though it's been fun,
Take a bike high into the atmosphere,
Points at the heart - I'll be right here...


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