Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Avenge The Collective

This song was created for Game of Bands round 126 : "80's Science Fiction"



Nerves couldn't calm, even with a strong drink
As he stood over his wife, while a shadow ran
The blasted up body, the bullets of zinc
Evidence of a coverup, a misguided plan

The miner's collective would need to avenge
An asteroid of gold, greed and foul play
Laser in his pocket, the thoughts of revenge
The elkdogs screaming as the ship flew away

The smoking debris of the refinery pod
glimmers of shrapnel reflected two suns
A marauding warlord who thinks that he's god
Blew up a city for money and guns

He climbed into the fighter, put thrusters on full
Refused to have his home be a crypt.
As he hit orbit he felt a strange pull
A tractor beam had gotten his ship

The warlord destroyer pulled the ship in
the heathens then boarded the fighter
Looking around all they heard was the ripping
of the cord from a magnesium lighter

The bright light and flash made them all stunned
as he shot his way through the whole group
His laser rifle and hot plasma gun
turned all the strong bodies to soup

Shot his way to the bridge, risking his life
Blood and sweat filled his nose and his breath
And there at the helm sat his smiling wife
Who pointed and ordered his death


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