Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Leap

This song was created for Game of Bands round 126 : "80's Science Fiction"


Journey through a blackened ocean,
glow of hazen clustered stars,
angel of the outer heavens,
quest to worlds and worlds afar

Dimensional traveller,
through temporal maze,
mystery unraveller,
the vast neon haze

Ever expanding cosmos,
an addicting thrill,
tell me what you want most,
escape the edgeless chill


* On a journey through time and space,
* folding the very fabric of reality,
* a lone survivour of the human race,
* travels from world to world
* slaying galatic evils,
* righting the wrongs of the universe,
* a journey of enlightenment
* a journey of justice,
* a journey of attonement,
* one day earning the right,
* to find a new place to call home,
* he is the leaper,
* and this is the leap

-End of Narration-

break through this emotionless void
an absense of reality, time devoid

will you find what you seek?
let go, brace yourself for the leap

bending of light a prism unseen,
you just have to look up, and believe,

will it be found or out of reach?
let go, brace yourself for the leap

a virtual reality of endless infinity
are we conscious or are we asleep?
No looking back now,
brace yourself for the leap

brace now for the leap,
as we search for our answers,
brace now as we leap,
through the apertures of time

journey through time and space
vanish without a trace,

close your eyes,
do not speak

and brace yourself,
for the leap


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