Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Dying Land

This song was created for Game of Bands round 126 : "80's Science Fiction"


[Narrator]: In a far away galaxy of milky way or as we call it, the Mother land, where the ancients found themselves on a land that was dying. This is their story. This is our story.

The land had gone barren
the people were hungry
the planet couldn't take anymore
so the brave king decided
to take/go on a voyage
to find us another home

As he walked out of the palace
he looked over his shoulder
Turned back to bid his son a last goodbye
The prince of his land
The boy who will never grow older
the king who will never see him die

In this war for necessities
In the space full of posibbilities
He only could have used but one
Another day with his queen
Another game with his prince
it was a bad dream that had begun

He took the tiny hands of the king to be
and placed his ring in them
You will be the king they need
the best they ever had

The siren started wailing
His men had started calling him
for a voyage into the unknown
The limits of the men shall be tested
and the fears
the fears needed to be let go

And there it began
a band of 50 men, the pioneers
chiseled like the greek gods
armed with seeds of life and H bombs
looking for another home
even if it meant war

The ship left the land
they looked out the window pane
a thousand said goodbyes
to a band of 50 men
ready to fight it till the end
to diappear a million years away in a night

The three hundred year sleep in the stasis
was disturbed by a collision
as the ship got englufed in flames
An accident, they thought
an unlikely one
these men, they need to be saved

Another collision followed pierced the ship
as the men leaped for their guns
A force field had held the hostage
a war had just begun

"Drop the emps and shut down the power"
The commander screamed
"This just looks seriosly bad"
as the bravehearts left
for the surface of the ship
to fight the peole/war/enemies ahead

As the lazers zoomed around their heads
Their RPGs stayed tight
They saw the force field disappear
a warhead came into sight

The captain swerved the ship to the extreme left
To save it from the bomb
the missile hit the tail of the ship
and took some men down

A large swarm of planes followed the warhead
with the mothershp as their aim
The king realised the pilots looked similar
like his fellow men

Thee days and three nights
with only 20 men, remaining
The king afraid yet amused
what if their enemies were actually humans
reaching their before the pioneers could?

A sudden siren as a warhead approached
the men asked to use the H bomb, their only hope
the king refused, what if we were to reduce
our own fellow men to ash and smoke

They formed a mutiny and let the king scream
they dropped the bomb
and ended his dream to find another home
the king fought the chains
and grabbed the gun
and shot the men, all of them

He sat on his knees, heart broken and sad
they reached before us, this land of hope
before we ever could
The mothership landed in a valley
that had a sea
now just ash and stone and some wood


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