Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Fix Your Mistakes

This song was created for Game of Bands round 126 : "80's Science Fiction"


Once, long ago, on a planet beyond ours
Man had been driven to ruin
They prayed from salvation from their misery
She arrived.

Prepare to live like earth
Like it was many years ago
Prepare to give your praise
Prepare to give your praise
to me

Lend me your ears,
I'm here to lend a hand,
Needs a woman's touch,
This was scarred by men.

Lend me your ears,
You prayed now I’m here,
You need my help,
Let’s make this clear,

You got to follow what I say,
Got to make the change that needs to be made
You got to stick to the status quo
You got to realize you know, less than i know

I’m here to be your queen
Fix your mistakes, Fix your mistakes 

I’m the only thing that can cure your sorrow
I got all the plans for a better tomorrow
Fall in line, realize that this is it
I now own this, so don’t you forget

I'm here to be your ruler
I'm here to save your souls
fix your mistakes,
Fix your mistakes, Fix your mistakes 


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