Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Land Before Time

This song was created for Game of Bands round 126 : "80's Science Fiction"


In the land before time
Riddled with violence and crime
Man was simply a fool
They tried to invent tools
But then they tied their own noose
Damned themselves for good
Then from outer space
With lovely style and grace
Came some visitors with gifts and smarts
They shared their tabs of acid
And their plants that made friends
And showed man the power of love
And now man has seen
The beauty of trees
The ground, sea, and stars
They were misled
By their simple desires
And now in their head
Burns a strong fire
B/D? (Depends how you wanna do the phrasing):
They learned the power of love
It came from above
And one hit will take you away
One tentacle touch
A little leg brush
How could they help but blush?
Now they have endless pleasure
Nothing but leisure
And the guests know it is time
The stars are aligned
The lines are beginning to slide
And the harvest shall begin
Man had no foresight
And now this is the last night
They are simply food and no more
Final section:
And the lessons were learned
But they already were burned
And the aliens they move on
Who will be next?
Will they give in to sex?
The pleasures that they didn’t know
Man simply didn’t know
Man just couldn’t know


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