Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Trapped in the Wardrobe

This song was created for Game of Bands round 127 : "Trapped in the Closet"


Long ago, in 1940
Peter Lucy Edmund and Susan
Sent to the country to avoid the war, see
Lucy’s at the Professor’s, perusing

She finds a wardrobe in the bedroom
And climbs inside, exploring
Clothes turn to branches, and very soon
She’s at a lamppost, and it’s snowstorming

She runs into a sneaky faun
Who invites her home for tea
But he plans to do her wrong….
Give her to the White Witch, a nasty deed

Evil ruler of Narnia land
Perpetual winter with her evil magic
All Daughters of Eve and Sons of Adam
Any humans will have an ending that’s tragic

But now the Faun repents
Took her back to the lamppost
No time at all was spent
When Lucy returned, she just had to boast

So her siblings just don’t believe
The wardrobe’s gate’s now closed
Then when playing hide and seek
Back into Narnia she goes

This time she’s followed by Edmund her brother
Once through he bumps into the Queen
Learning he’s human, and there’s others
He’ll lure them – her spell casting scheme.

The Queen says if he brings them all there
To Narnia and deliver them to her
She’ll make Edmund her sole heir
His reward is assured

But the Queen and the Witch are one and the same
Edmund lies to his family - he’s not been there at all
They accuse Lucy of playing a game
So they go to Professor to decide on the call

The Professor decides that Lucy is right
They go in the wardrobe to hide from the maid
With coats to keep warm from snow and the night
They head to the faun’s house – it's destroyed by a raid

The faun was arrested for aiding the kids
A beaver came up to them then, to lend a hand
Put them in his den – there the children hid
And they told of a prophecy that could free all the land

If 2 of eve’s daughters, 2 of Adams sons
Go to Cair Paravel , and sit on the thrones
The Witch loses power and the Winter thaw comes
And the prisoner can all return to their homes

Aslan the Lion, the great rightful king
He had been sighted as well
Edmund sneaks off to visit the Queen
Sees enemies turned to stone by her spells

The witch is so angry to see him alone
And that Aslan may well soon return
She takes Edmund along to protect her throne
And the other kids make her concerned

They realize that Edmund’s an informer
And set off to find the Stone Table
Winter spell’s fading, it starts to get warmer
And Father Christmas returns – a true fable!

Father Christmas has gifts for them all –
Healing potion for Lucy, for Peter a sword
Bows and arrows for Susan as well
And the winter spell breaks and Narnia’s warm!

They get to the Stone table and speak to the Lion
Aslan decides that Edmund needs rescue
Attacking the Witch, to reclaim Edmund, they’re trying
And succeed - but there’s something askew.

For the queen has the right to have Edmund killed
The laws of time say that he is a traitor
So Aslan strikes a bargain - an act of good will……
But the Queen has gained something far greater?!



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