Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 127 : "Trapped in the Closet"


Ay! Where the fuck im at!
Ay! I don't know how to react!
Fuckin’ walls around me, surrounding me, grounding me
Darkness all around me, what the fuck did I breathe,
No i don’t need another hit, this here might make me quit
In. Shit, I can’t comprehend,
Step out into the bright light, at the end.
Is this the end? Did i just end? Did I just end? Is this the end?
The birds around me telling me that I’m fine
Wait—shit—what? Am I losing my mind?
Wait? Am I losing my mind?
(It’s Narnia)
Get me outta this closet!
Get me outta this closet!
Get me outta this closet!
Get me outta this closet! X2
Verse 2
Vanilla ice queen
And a lion that speaks
like yeezus,
tellin’ me “bitch, they can't beat us”
men with hoofs!
Eagles with arms

Centaur please tell me where we are
He say “ It's Narnia”
My eyes widen
head's lighter Bitch, I was born a fighter bitch
and Imma fight this bitch light ‘er
lighten up the sky
bring the world back to life
A huge surprise, open your eyes
hell yeah I can live this life
Probably live it twice
Verse 3
Fighting in this world agaist the odds
Beside a lion and some demi gods,
This whole war was a free for all
I've seen some shit, now I've seen it all
And I took a few gashes, slashes,
Ice Swords slashing but didnt get my ass kicked,
Then the trip faded
Lost the high
All a haze, damn Narnia goodbye


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