Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Not Again

This song was created for Game of Bands round 128 : "Chaos"





I was going to work in my pickup truck

if I'm late again, then my ticket's up

then the sun was blocked, like a big dark cloud

It got real hot, and then I blacked out

I awoke midair, and to my surprise

a blinding light was shining in my eyes

500 feet above the ground

a metal ship, and then a whirring sound...


A door slid open, and they pulled me in

10 aliens standing there - with a grin

Talking gibberish, I start to pray

They had giant eyes and skin of gray.


The leader pointed, and they approved,

and then the ship began to move.

But there was a crash, and a ripping sound

and the spaceship fell straight to the ground!

A tear in the wall, I had to get a grip

'Cause I saw, we hit another ship!

Another kind of alien, ghostly white

And on the ground they began to fight....


So in the ruckus, I slipped away

to get to work, to make my pay

But then I fell into a well

today's just been a living hell


Someone heard me screaming, pulled me right out of there

but I lost my pants, and stood in my underwear!

(C'mon gimme a break!)

VERSE (soft part)

So I went to Kmart and I got some pants

hitched back to my truck, I still had a chance

It wouldn't start, it wouldn't go my way

I went back to town, to call Triple A...


He showed up quick, and I finally felt lucky

but flipped the wires and blew out the battery!

So it wasn't my fault, that guy's a jerk

And I promise boss, that's why I'm late for work


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