Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

What Bill Doesn't Know

This song was created for Game of Bands round 128 : "Chaos"


Verse 1

Got his own parking spot for his brand new sedan
And a cushy six figures working for the man
Got his two point five kids and his white picket fence
Just ask his neighbors, they’ll say he’s the best


But what Bill doesn’t know is who fills in the blanks
When things don’t add up in his memory banks
Why the path to success always seems so clear
Why the folks in his way seem to just disappear

Verse 2

Plays a mean game of golf when he wants to have fun
Got a dad joke for everything under the sun
Got a nice corner office with his name on a plaque
Lives the good life and everything seems right on track


But what Bill doesn’t know is who else shares his head
Why the plants grow so well in the plot by his shed
Why he always runs out of duct tape so soon
And who’s pulling the strings, well he hasn’t a clue

Outro (or final chorus)

What Bill doesn’t know is who else paid the price
That the good life was bought at the edge of a knife
Put together the pieces, it’s easy to see
What Bill doesn’t know is he’s me



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