Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Never Ending Pasta

This song was created for Game of Bands round 128 : "Chaos"


Verse 2
Gotta carload of carbs and Pokemon cards
Venture Brothers DVD and my dicks on hard
Which is very awkward cause I’m at my brothers funeral
And I don’t have a brother, excuse me, I gotta go

Hop into my El Camino bumpin’ Miley Cyrus
Hit a massive speed bump and now I’m pissed
Cause the speed bump was a dog and that dog owed me money
And that money was supposed to pay for my new Humvee

And my moms really mad and my dads are both dead
And my uncle’s just a creep and won’t get out my bed
And my aunt is an ant and the only person I can talk to
And BOO I’m a ghost. See that wall? I’mma walk through.

Fly into heaven cause I don’t need stairs.
Went skateboarding and the Burger King was there.
I didn’t know he died. I thought he was a character.
We’re all getting played by corporate America.

Chorus 2
I’m still hungry so I’m hitting up an Applebees
I want a salad dripping in honey mustard please
I’d like a German chocolate, cherry dipped milkshake
I’d like to wash it down with a diet Faygo grape
I’ve seen the future and it’s so bright that I need sunglasses
I think it was the radiation from atomic blasts
And if I survive this meal I’m gonna change my ways, I promise
I just have to hope that Korea doesn’t bomb us,


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