Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Kaizo Lucky Star

This song was created for Game of Bands round 130 : "Theme for a made-up Anime"


Crashing through the air.
No chance to stop.
Scared of what's up next.
Every step is danger.

Forget what they taught you
before your head hits the wall.
Follow the money trail
right down the hole.

Move fast!
Bursting out the gates.
Just go!
Kaizo lucky star.

Right now
you're a brand new professional.
Don't look back,
my kaizo lucky star.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Alright!

Everywhere we go, we're faced with problems.
Some obstacles we gotta overcome.
But even if the risk is death we get knocked down,
we just get back up again.

Flowing like the breeze.
Formless between the blades.
Obstacles now the easy path.
I've rearranged my way.

Run free!
Look up to the sky.
Just be!
Kaizo lucky star.

It's true!
You can make it if you dare.
No need to turn back
with my kaizo lucky star.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.


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