Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Devil in Me

This song was created for Game of Bands round 130 : "Theme for a made-up Anime"


Verse 1, 2
Wake from death and return to life
Wondering where I belong
Moments come one at a time
One chance to right the wrongs

Face will change to tell me why
And light that path that I move along
Give me faith so I can try
To do these things that make me strong

Prechorus 1, 2
Devil in me
Not what it seems
Just cut to the center of what I wish I could be
Devil in me
Not what it seems
See it in me

Chorus 1,2,3
I can leave my mark and turn the page
But I am left questioning Is it me?
Break free

When you read my life what will it say
And will I say that it's mine to lead?
It's me

Verse 2
Not an excuse for time
Follow until it's gone
Will do the deed it's right
Cause I'm the one whose wrong
Through life I could not see
My faith must lead me home
The future is my guide
The path is mine alone


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