Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Deer John

This song was created for Game of Bands round 131 : "Horror"


This is the song that the forest sings
surrounded by peace and tranquility
I remember it like a dream
An endless but elusive memory
Seven millimeter magnum shells,
and me in the blind all by myself
That was the moment that he came to me
He filled my vision he was all I could see
Fourteen points and ten feet tall
I thought that he would look great on my wall

What a massive figure to behold
As if his face were carved from stone
Antlers like coral from the sea
The lifeless gaze stares back at me
Stoic eyes black as coal
seem to stare into my soul

That was the moment the world changed for me
Learned to mistrust what I hear and see
Senseless whispers scream over every thought
It's hard to think. My mind is lost

I ate his flesh I kept his skin
I had to prove that I would win
I kept his head as my trophy
An insult to his dignity

The forest no longer sings
It's his voice that takes away my peace
No silence, no tranquility
only whispers
"end your life" he's telling me
To make it even
Bring back the balance
I have to do what he commands
Give in to, his cruel demands
The voice speaking from the nether
I can make the voice go away forever


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