Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Comfort Dog

This song was created for Game of Bands round 131 : "Horror"


It was Anna's first night left all alone
at first she was brave in her home.
But then on the news, A murderer's loose
Then lightening took out all the phones.

But she had the company of the family hound
At night licked her hand so she knew he's around
The dog did as she said, and slept under her bed
And protected her when she heard scary sounds.

Then late that night she heard a drip
To the kitchen with slippers so she wouldn't slip
She looked for the source, found nothing of course
Went back to bed thinking she had a grip

She put her hand under the bed for a lick
And felt it and knew that her dog wasn't sick
She fell back asleep, in a slumber so deep
Her dog panting under the bed, nondescript

The drip dropping continued all through the night
But Anna felt safe and slept tight
In the bathroom that morn, her heart became torn.
As the source was revealed to her sight

Her dog gutted and hung - horror filled her.
And she saw words written in blood on the mirror
You should've knew, little child, that Humans lick too !
And clear now in the mirror, behind her stood the killer

* based on an old Hoosier folk tale


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