Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Scream for Daddy

This song was created for Game of Bands round 131 : "Horror"


[*Look into the camera,
That little red light
It’s the only reason that you’re still alive
Gotta gimme a show,
Straight to video
That makes me hit rewind, rewind, rewind*]

You cry for your momma, but your momma isn’t here
Lemme hear you scream for daddy

Got you into my van, one hand
Tied behind my back,
It was a piece of candy

Now I hope you like your new digs,
20 feet down, hands bound
Got you wrapped up safe
Where you’ll never be found
And all around town
They’re calling your name, they’re saying
No she’d never runaway
But after the first 48
It’s a lost cause
Calling off the search dogs
And all of the search team
Take a drink and hit pause

Don’t be scared of the red toolbox,
That’s only for bad girls
Good girls get the blue toolbox,
We’ll start slow at first
This will hurt,
And I want you to tell me all about it,
Fight me, bite me, curse me,
And if you know what’s good for you,
Be a good girl, Scream for Daddy,
or it only gets worse.

I wish you could see this,
up at the surface,
It’s a media circus
Almost makes me nervous
And flyers are plastered
Your face attached
on every location
And your father’s addressing the nation
He saying somebody catch this bastard
And faster,
You’re somebody’s little girl,
And I have ya
Did I mention you have real pretty eyes?
Turn em right over there, and say hi
To your admiring fan club
Watching from Tor
There’s a deep dark web to explore
So let’s get to work on the feetsies,
10 perfect toes all pedicured neat, see,
6 still wiggling and 4 on the floor
But you screamed how I like
So I won’t take more
Til tomorrow, or
Maybe we’ll focus on
Something that hasn’t been torn yet

Lemme get them digits, girl
Could come in handy
I might leave you both your thumbs,
If you Scream for Daddy

Oooooh, here we go now girl
Bitch, you slit your wrists
But you still couldn’t fit
Through the zip ties I zipped
To the wall in this pit
And the bit
of your hope that was lit
Wasn’t gonna do shit
Your salvation was nothing but fiction
So hit me and scratch me
With what you have left
Cuz your death is up next
When I stomp on your neck
And your blood rises up
And comes out in a retch
And your struggling stops,
With a hideous squeltch
And your soul rises up overhead
you thank god you’re finally dead
You’ll look down at the smear that was you
On the ground and you’ll see that
We still aren’t through

Believe me, your show isn’t over
Thousands of perverts
are jacking and clapping
When the new girl gets here
And sees you, she’s gonna
Scream for Daddy



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