Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Prequel Trilogy

This song was created for Game of Bands round 134 : "2017 In Retrospect"


Two thousand sixteen was truly fucking evil
If that year was the matrix
Then you're the shitty sequel
Yeah if we're talking star wars
Twenty seventeens the prequel
Here's the reason for my hatred, 58 in Vegas
Charlottesville was a bitter pill, I can't fucking take it
London bridge is falling down, somebody save the lady
Women feeling disrepected, finally make a statement
But you're the one that fucked us all, vulnerable and naked
Like auditioning with Weinstein, I'm left feeling vacant
But I'll rise from your ashes, hear these words I'm saying
If I had the Deloreon, I'd go back and skip to eighteen
Wipe out the hate the death and anything degrading
Don't get it twisted though, you were only passing through
Dealing with your aftermath like scraping gum from a shoe
Two thousand seventeen can die and go to hell
Did you really have to take Cornell?
Then your bullshit continued
And we lost Chester as well
Tom Petty I wasn't ready, damn it you fail
Hurricanes brought the rain, flood and devastation
Turned out the sun a minute just to get some relaxation
Then we're back to the drama coming in from other nations
Russia pulling the strings using their powers of persuasion
North Korea and their leader that batshit crazy little asian
Our internet rights getting bought and paid by corporations
Women stepping forward showing scars of molestations
My brothers losing pace,guess you can call it race relations
I'm usually a calm man but I admit to losing patience
So I was glad to see your 365 end, so we can start anew
But if last year was a movement, you can hashtag me too

Nothing lost, nothing gained
Healing only comes with pain
Grit my teeth, start again
Sun shines brightest after rain


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