Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Bone Marrow (Still Waiting)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 135 : " Odd Times and No Rhymes IV"


From a single bone, and marrow
Hello there my friend, been so long
I cooked all the cloaks and clouds
I been waiting...

We can go slow and steady
as our crashing worlds make fire
I know you’re made of wood
and I am ruble of...
but we won’t turn our minds
can tell
I know you’re not alone as I am
and the dancing rivers lead me
far away from you
Please just hold my hand, one last time
there is holding time, still
I promise only once
I won’t break you

All I ask for us is time
like when I held you in my (hands)
that faint and fateful night with your scent
there I tasted your name

with a (single) piece of bone and marrow
I craved a grave for you and me
cause I would rather not be alone in the end
even if the bitter breaks my tongue sometimes
I want you

Go there, meet the Sun, I wish that
one step per night, we'll walk through
the dunes, cats and the myth
and if perchance the untainted card
will tell me you do love me
I won’t believe at all this time
I’ll let you and my numbers fly
(I) won’t spoil you

From a single piece of bone, and marrow
I’ll warm you (I'll cook you)


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