Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Weird Tides

This song was created for Game of Bands round 135 : " Odd Times and No Rhymes IV"


I find myself in here entrapped
I live my life in loops
I wonder where or when I'll know
The reason for this wind

Discrepancies, discrepancies
Where did my whole life go?
Discrepant inconsistencies
Our timing is amiss

Our silly tongues, our silly cants
They use these spacial terms
These terms which are inadequate
For our temporal lives

And thus we wait, and thus we wait
For times to change again
I'll see you when us two were born
Relive our timelines twice

Where have all the
streams of time
carried their waters?

I'd like this time
To bathe, to swim
In their seas

Like weird tides
We rise and fall

Time is but a distance covered
Time is but a river crossed

The clocks are ticking backwards now
You live your life in loops
This noose is tight around your neck
But you can breathe just fine

I'll see you when us two will die
The future has been lived
I cannot wait for time at all
But time still waits for me

Where have all the
streams of time
poured out all their waters?

I'd like to take
What time I've left
To drown inside their seas

As these weird tides
Rise and fall
We realise
We've been here before

Time is but a distance covered
Time is but a river crossed
Time is but this road we've travelled
Yet time's all that and more

We find ourselves in here entrapped
This cycle's neverending
Our timelines now do coincide
And that is never changing

Discrepancies, discrepancies
This time is an illusion
And thus we wait, we count the days
Till we can start again


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