Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 135 : " Odd Times and No Rhymes IV"


Music: /u/pdlourenco
Lyrics: /u/DomantasBanterzaurus & /u/CloggingToilets
Vocals: /u/GammaRath

/u/Dugly_Uckling as a special guest in the awesome trombone solo

There's nothing more far out than the space in my head.
The days rushing past, my time ticking forward,
Unbroken, reminding of the impending end,
That all must face endlessly, eventually.

Trying to stop, to give myself time, to think,
Instinctively, I'm giving in, let alone exceeding
My mind is failing, my limbs are trembling
The time is right but the end is nigh

If this is the life I've subscribed to
I'll be needing a window to escape
If this is all that I've ever hoped for
Then it's about time I met my end
Then it's about time I met my end

It's not my mind's ever-expanding darkness
nor my own self-inflicted isolation
that scares me to death

It's not the familial and familiar faces
that still remain indecipherably
alien, not unlike mine

It's not the endless clich├ęs I try to rid
my hand of for describing my
perpetual confusion

It's what I've become, what I have done
What I will be and what I will do
that scares me to death

Needing the end only drives it away as I swing,
Swing on the swings of my teetering life, leading,
From nothing to nothingness, alone but alive,
Facing it endlessly, endlessly, eventually.

Please, no, more, I want, out, let, me, go

There's nothing
More far out
Than the space
In my head


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