Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 136 : "Minimalism II"


It was a minor inconvinience
Speaking in the loosest sense
To be born and exist
God's will is a cease and desist
Willful ignorance of the law is a crime
But pray to Jesus, and mercy's mine
What would you have me do now?
Live, all weak and ready to bow?
Or stand tall as the chair below kicks in
What's lost needs no fixin
Thus better lost than broken and sent for repair
Greasing the gullotine, but acting like Voltaire
Talking about action while we stop and stare
A shrink's just paying bills and feeding on despair

Bibere venenum in auro

Hear me father, heed thy ignorant son
It's dark but the day just begun
The rope around my neck tightens
The rope around my heart lightens

Hear me father, hear thy ignorant son
It's dark but the day just begun
Sand is turning, and we shall be one
Bid farewell to thy ignorant son.


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