Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Dungeon Party (Nor-run Acerak mix)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 137 : "D&D"


Lyrics by bandpuppy and vladimirdlc
Disclaimer: Lyrics may or may not have been remixed beyond comprehension.

Dungeon Party

1. Intro Text (ex. Tomb of Horrors)

Even a bit of daylight
entering through a crawl space reveals that this is
an unusual tunnel. Bright, brilliant colors are to be seen everywhere,
the stones and pigments undimmed by the passage of decades.
The floor of the corridor is a colorful
mosaic of stone, with a distinct, winding path of red tiles


You have entered the Disco of

2. Tagline Theme

Dungeon Party
Dungeon Party
Hardcore Nerdcore
Dungeon Party

3. Intro2

The adventurers do set forth!
I’m Whittlestick and I’m a Dwarf
I’m Nefertee and I’m the cleric!
I’m a Ranger, My Names Eric!
I’m Fred the Mage! Best of All!
Watch me cast a fireball!

(all) NOOO!!!!

DM: You all take 6d6, ahahahah!
Whittlestick: Nice one Fred

Fred: Sorry

Dungeon Party
Dungeon Party
Hardcore Nerdcore
Dungeon Party

(hey is this a party? ja?)

4. Song


Dungeon Master
Take me to the land of
Of imagination
To a world
Of my own creation
Where I can exist in fascination

Dungeon Master
Take me to a world where there’s no problems
Other than the skeletons and goblins
orcs and trolls
and look there’s some more goblins
it’s my turn

(Underneath, sample: Dungeon party dungeon party)


Dungeon Master
Take me to a world of might and plenty
A place where I can roll a crit
Make my bag of holding never empty
Roll the dice


Dungeon Master: Roll your dex to avoid the trap
Neffertee: I’ve got to go let in my cat
Dwarf: I need a pee I’ll be right back
Fred: I cast Fireball!

All: NOOOO!!!!!

(New Vocal Theme)
I’m the DJ Acerak,
I encompass all your doom
I challenge brave adventurers
To come into my tomb
And just

Dungeon Party
Dungeon Party
(etc )

Dungeon Master: And so you have come to the end of your quest. Same time next week?
Dwarf: that was great
Fred: I think I lost my dice down the couch


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