Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 137 : "D&D"


You awake in a tavern to find
You’re alone with three other guys
Each with magical powers abound
An adventure is sure to go down

I awoke with a start / Be still my heart
Red and gold robes / I’m dressed like a bard
Just in my room / Cracking a book
What is this place? / A tavern by looks

Short as I might be / Guarantees I’m feisty
Born a gnome / I’m a chosen rogue
Banned from my home / For things that I said
I sit at this bar / Drinks go straight to my head

Curse my mother / The hateful wench
I’m a high-born elf / I was born to fence
I’m even quite good / Or so I think
I’d rather be anywhere / Than here fetching drinks

One dressed as a clown / A bratty teenager
A drunk little man / A crew for the ages
They will have to do / Led by yours true
A wand-wielding wizard / a half-orcish brute

So you’ve all just met in a bar
Wizard and fighter, the rogue and the bard
Gear up with weapons and wares
The gold you have is to share

Prepare yourselves for combat
You may battle a wolf or a wombat
Or something far worse from deep underground
An adventure is sure to go down

Devilish dexterity
Indifferent charisma
Righteous constitution
And chaotic wisdom

How they are aligned
Is thus defined
What they do next
Will sure blow our minds

To the tailor they go
For hats and robes
Then to the blacksmith
For oh what you know

Armor and weapons
Heavy and light
Be careful kids
Next comes the fight

A battle what’s this? / I am just a kid
I’m armed with nothing / But charisma and wit
And a silver sax / That I can’t even play
(Half bar sax break) / That sounded okay

Daggers, daggers / Seven, eight, ten
If I miss one or two / It won’t be the end
I’ll rely on my cunning / I can be quite frugal
I’ll research on wolves / Does this realm have google?

A sword, a helmet / A chest plate and breast plate
A quiver of arrows / a bow and the best cape
I can’t even arch / I have no aim
But this gold is mine / To share is a shame

Oh what a waste / I arranged this quest
I wanted the best / But I got the rest
Bumbling fools / Their ringleader I
A mage with three spells / That won’t harm a fly

And off to war they go
The human, the half-orc, the elf and the gnome
They all should be scared to the bone
By the end of this story they’ll wish they stayed home

Traveling through woods
Searching under rocks
No lucks or goods
The clock tick tocks

No time for practice
Green as the grass
They come to a field

The battle commences
The Elf he fences
He breaks his blade
In the donkey’s braids

The wizard cast spells
They do not do well
So he grabs an axe
And the bard plays sax

The orc says charge
Donkey stomps bard
Daggers bounce back
The gnome’s hit with the axe

They all lay battered
Hit points at zero
With fun none mattered
But none was a hero


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