Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Space Between

This song was created for Game of Bands round 138 : "Space II"


When we left home
So many lifetimes ago
We could not see
What it truly meant to be
Out here on our own

A fading point of light
Seen through telescope across the night
A distant dream, a memory
Of what it meant to be at home
But we had to go

The space between
Where we're going and where we've been
And now we'll see
What it means to begin again


Attention generation 6 of Argo Interstellar
In three solar days we arrive at Epsilon Eridani, our new home
The future of humanity lies with we few aboard this ship
Godspeed to us all

Wreathed in fire
We tear apart the sky
Clouds part below us
Our final end in sight
New horizons
We'll name them
It's our birthright
Now we claim it

Across the sea, we see them
The spires made of light
We are not alone here
A city burning bright
Who hears us?
Who's watching?
Will they know us?
Will they know us?

The space between
We and them
What will it mean
To share a world with them

By cover of the night
We see them standing there
Strange inhuman eyes
Impassionately stare

Who knows what they intend
Whose end they have mind
We see them moving in
Don't let this be the end

The space between
What is real and what we dream
Someday we'll find
What it means to be free again

This could be
The end of humanity

Credits to Eric for the melody, the announcement and the great guitar lick from 3:29-3:36


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