Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Dark Matters

This song was created for Game of Bands round 138 : "Space II"


The Akylonian Space Centre has picked up a strange, coded radio signal from outer space, signs of life, perhaps?

Starry menagerie
A digit breadth
Take three ellipses
To travel the cosmos

The message received
From light years away
They sent us up
To seek its origin
Aboard my sweet Unklys
For Akylonia

The Unklys is led by star pilot, General Agee
A veteran spacepilot, leading a history-making flight, the first past the moons of Akylonia

Blasting through
A secret wormhole
Heading towards
The radio source

Imagining the
Fruits of victory
Blazing a trail
Through the galaxy

A sight! A sighting,
History making
An ivory beacon
Of impossibility
Flash the golden spotlight
Gather their attention
The aliens sidle
Up to Unklys quickly

A clang, and a whoosh
Connected they must be
Running to the airlock
To see what they could be

Blue-clad, bubble-headed
Bipedal oddities
I bare teeth as a greeting
Their leader grins at me

Surrounded by the storm
Death and disorder
My burning heart
Tear it open

The demon stands tall
Harbinger of death
The aliens grin with morbid joy
As we bleed out our lament

We lay in the deathly beds, dark matters made
Violent end to interstellar peace, as my vision fades.

No contact has been made with Unklys, as it continues its trajectory through space...



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