Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Frog Prints

This song was created for Game of Bands round 139 : "Frogs"


Once upon a long ago
A fool fell deep in love
It's vital, reader, that you know
What this fool was made of

He wasn't very tall or thin
He was small squat and green
He wasn't human, he was him
A frog who had to dream

He wasn't cursed, you understand
Was not a prince disguised
Yet loved the Princess of the land
Who sought love far and wide

He courted with her courters,
Woo'd with wet advances
Which was allowed, by order
She believed in equal chances

But then, reader, she was betrothed
To the poor frog's dismay
A suitor royal, human, clothed
Suited in every way

But the nobleman was cold
He wanted the doting frog dead
He vowed to eat it whole
When he found frog prints in her bed

Have you ever been told you've got a frog in your throat?
You don't
Cause that frog inside would puff up wide and croak
Til you choked

The Nobleman died when he tried to eat the frog alive
As the main course on their wedding night

The hero survived, the villain croaked
The frog pushed his way out of his throat
Onto the princess's plate, for their first dinner date
By then their love lived, by choice or by fate

It's vital that a princess knows what her Prince is made of
It's not the height or the clothes, but that he's filled with true love
And if he doesn't transform after they kiss
He'll still be a prince, because she says he is


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