Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Who Dat Boi

This song was created for Game of Bands round 139 : "Frogs"


We put the hop in hip-hop
Ain’t no question who’s the king of this swamp
When that record flips we got no time for flops
Leapfrog to the top every time our track dops

So here’s how it goes when we start the show
Spittin’ venom, gonna end ‘em with that poison dart flow
Watch your heart slow ‘til you choke and croak
Wishin’ it was all just a frog in your throat

Strike by land and sea with the illest aim
Total mastery of every terrain
Our song plays and the masses rave
We rollin’ in green like it’s the second plague

Now you best pray ‘cause your dirge is sung
No one’s spared anywhere by this rapid-fire tongue
It’ll be the last lesson that you realize
We’re the fiends in green, you’re gonna drop like flies

Here come dem bois, we don’t stop, we roll on
Too slippery for haters to get a hold on
They green with envy but their threats are empty
‘Cause we’re princes in disguise ruling all we see

I’m like Kermit when the pigs come chasin’
Got them ragin’ at all the hell I’m raisin’
I dodge ‘em like Frogger ‘cause you already know
Who’s got the only flow harder than Battletoads


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