Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Machine

This song was created for Game of Bands round 140 : "Butts II"


I built a machine that can do anything
Made it in my image cause I look amazing

But I'm not the best engineer and I think
I may have botched the waste-processing

Noooo, oh noooo!
There's a... crack
It was such a nice hypothesis
Now it's gone to feces

I thought it was going to be super tight
But what a bummer, my design was shite
I had assumed it was perfect
But the surface was hiding many defects

A machine for mass production
The output causing mass infection
I had no way to treat it (eat it)
I had to flush it (flush it)

I's wibbly-wobbly, but it's not a time machine
It is soft, it is mush, it is without a sheen

How will I ever
Sell my invention?
Am I doomed?
Am I doomed to fail?

Noooo, oh noooo!
There's a... crack
Such a nice hypothesis
Now it's all gone to feces

In an astounding turn of events
A stroke of luck ended my torment
Investors are buying my machine
My sugars-to-ideas engine

I'll finally be able to pay rent
I can stop living in my mum's basement
Pay attention to my hygiene
And once and for all leave this IT routine


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