Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Chosen One (Harry Potter Spoilers)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 141 : "Epic II"



On a foggy, Autumn night there was a meeting round the lights
A choice was made to give this child a safe life
But soon thereafter strange events began occurring
And it was made quite clear that this was not an ordinary boy
No he was not an ordinary boy
He never had a choice


But pretty soon this kid was flying around on a broom
Making history, making friends and causing mischief


He killed an ogre without any question
And this was when he was still just eleven
And when he turned twelve things got insane
He conjured a sword and put it through a basilisk’s brain
He flew on a hippogriff’s back, after saving it’s life, how sweet is that?
I’m telling you, he’s usually a pretty cool guy except for that time that Dumbledore died
After that moment things got intense, he scoured the land, living in tents
Searching for horcruxes, learning the truth,
That sometimes the horcrux is actually you
And you have to make choices to keep people safe
Make an effort to beat he-who-must-not-be-named
And you’ll grow to raise sons and sire a daughter
Who’s adventures are the product of another author (so who cares)


Sometimes a curse is thrust upon you without say
Silver lining though, you get to talk to snakes
It isn’t easy solving mysteries and getting your homework done
You never asked for this but still you are the chosen one


Conquer darkness, it’s your onus
Harness light in your patronus


But pretty soon this kid was battling werewolves under the moon
Making potions, fighting bullies, eating chocolate
But when the time arrived, he never froze, no, it was do or die
You could see him fighting bravely against this noseless guy


Sometimes a curse is plainly seen upon your face
You have to ask yourself “do I even believe in fate?”
You’ll find the answer has no matter, the questions will always come
You never asked for this but still you are the chosen one


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