Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 142 : "Only One Instrument II"



In 1938 Leo Fender
started his radio service shop
and an amplifier repair center
he made new designs that really popped

With Doc Kaufmann Leo formed K & F
they made amps with Pedal Steel guitars
Had a disagreement so he did it himself
Never knew he'd take it so far

Moved from Pedal Steel to Electric
Noel Bogg made the first F emblem
Then the Telecaster - it was sick
but needed a Truss bar, when humid it bent

1950 came the Broadcaster,
and Esquire with a single pickup
Then came the Telecaster
Success without a hiccup

And the piece-made design was a go
Assembly line - it made it a hit
Great body and fretboard made the music flow
The best guitar you have to admit

Fender rolled out the P-Bass
In '54, they unveiled the Strat
The best guitar in the space
Once you played it, that was that


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