Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Watch Closely

This song was created for Game of Bands round 143 : "Magic"


I shuffle the cards
But they remain in the same order
Step right up
I bet you’ve seen this trick before but not like this
I bring my finger to the brim of my felt hat jet black
We’ll see what I can conjure just like that

Watch closely
So you don't miss
I'll move slowly
So you can see
I've got nothing to hide
So just keep your eyes
Right on me
Through the whole thing
But you'll only
See what you want to see
The rules just don’t apply
You won't believe your eyes

I know it’s so much like uncovering
The secrets behind everything
But it’s not
It’s only a trick

We take off the gloves
Corrupt all the doves
Just by being us
My hands blunder about
My sleeves are full of doubt
My rabbit, fed on stale carrots
Scared of the hat, desperately sad
I put him back in the cage all alone
Roll up my sleeves and go


Is still a direction
A whisper dressed up as a roar
The show is a thrill
And you’re just a shill
So here’s your encore
It’s just an illusion there’s no magic anymore
The grand finale is just another trap door

Watch closely
So you don’t miss
I move slowly
So you don’t see
I have so much to hide
Don’t look me in the eye
I’m bleeding
You all see right through me
I’m desperately
Just fishing for a smile
For just a little while

I know you see this vulnerability
As my true identity but it’s not
It’s only a trick


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