Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

MC Marvel

This song was created for Game of Bands round 16 : "Rap Song"


?I?ve played a lot of privates shows over the years, but Batman really know?s how to throw a party. The bat booze was flowing and the bat cave was bumpin?. A far better vibe than the last one we did for superman. I mean seriously.... The fortress of solitude? What kind of place for a party is that?

I was a young MC fresh off the streets
With a hot best selling brand new EP
When I was invited out to play a private show
In a mansion on a hill down a dark spooky road
It was the after party, to the annual convention
of the American society of psychic crime prevention
And as I rolled up, a storm rolled in
I shook off the rain and got the place bumpin?
I was hot on the mic ?til lightning struck the house
and I took 10,000 volts right in the mouth
It knocked me out and I should have been dead
But when I came to I had a voice in my head
A guiding soul with wisdom not bound by time
That would lend me it?s voice when I spoke in rhymes
So I took to the streets and started fighting crime
MC Marvel brings justice with the bump and grind

My flow?s hotter than the human torch
I deliver lines faster than the flash
The hulk?s got nothing on these smash hits
MC Marvel on the mic

With my mask, cape and boombox in tow
accompanied by my sidekick DJ Supro
I reveal the future with my lyrical prose
With important info in every slick flow
I deliver rhymes when danger?s coming
so If I drop the beat you better be running
My delivery is steady and powerful
But my powers aren?t completely infallible
They only work as I deliver rhymes
So even with all the warning signs
It?s still kinda hard to find just the right lines
That would save a person?s life in time
Sometime I just want to shout, ?duck!?
But I have to make it rhyme and I might get stuck
So I don?t rack my brain for a perfect phrase
I use, ?Move! citizen get out the way?
I?m generically trying to save your life today
And specifically keep you away from a train
It?s a little clumsy, that I?ll cede
But lyricism is less important when there?s immediate need

I?m keepin? it flyer than Superman
I?m friendlier than your hood?s Spider-Man
Storm?s not the only one that?ll make it rain
MC Marvel on the mic

I stopped all the crime, the whole city was chillin?
When a dejected producer became a supervillain
He met the piped piper, sampled some beats
And now inner city youth do all his dirty deeds
It?s like a war being waged out in the streets
It keeps this super hero super busy
And he?s never seen at the scene of his crimes
So it?s hard to get him serving hard time
Cause there?s laws against copyright infringement
But nothing stopping him from remixing
hits song with hypnotic intentions
And en?rin? radio remix competitions
It?s too hot to handle for the police commission
Parents are left worrying and wishin?
For a halt to all the rogue transmissions
?fore the city needs a music prohibition
So I?m using my psychic premonitions
To make it safe for children and musicians
Tune in each week with your parents permission
To join MC Marvel on his crime fightin? mission.

Stan Lee wishes he could write like this
From Gotham to Metropolis
I?m keeping it safe for all the party people
MC Marvel on the mic

"There must be something rotten in Denmark, Cause this beat is sick!"


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