Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 150 : "No Theme"


Verse 1

This head ain’t big enough
For the both of us
So something’s gotta give

Trapped in a fractured brain
With someone so insane
This is no way to live

Oh don’t pretend you don’t need me
Your problems don’t just disappear
You know when things don’t go your way
One of us has to dig the graves

Verse 2

What did you do this time?
Have you lost our mind?
Just look at all this blood

Don't even want to know
What all those tools are for
Is that an acid tub?

Well what was I supposed to do?
Just let them talk that way to you?
Let's call it one more problem gone
We both know this is what you want

Verse 3

Now you've outdone yourself
How many, I can't tell
Our yard’s more grave than yard

Hiding the evidence
To keep them off our scent
Is getting way too hard

Maybe if you weren't quite so meek
I wouldn't have to intervene
You got the balls to turn us in?
That's what I thought. Shut up and dig.


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