Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

In My Eye

This song was created for Game of Bands round 150 : "No Theme"


I wanted you
To depend
On my

Now as I am
Looking for
My selfish
Liberation crime

I hate giving
And giving
and giving
and just giving you
my valuable time

You are the pebble
In my shoe now
You are the speck of dust
in my eye

Hurts to know you don’t
you don’t
you don’t
you really don’t care if I live or die

I'm just another tool
And tools are just a means
just a means to an end
and to this emptiness between

The crevasses remind me
Of your shallow wrinkles
That your lips formed as you smiled
and your eyes twinkled

But I can’t keep smiling
To the memories anymore
when you’re not around

But I can’t shed the
memories that lifted
my feet off the ground

I’m weighed down now
From hearing you in silences
I yearn for your sound

I'm just another tool
tools are just a means
just a means to an end
And we’ve reached ours


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