Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Outright Déjà Vus

This song was created for Game of Bands round 151 : "No Repetition"


=Outright Déjà Vus=

No two words repeated.

Challenging? Yes.

Impossible? Yeah, maybe.

Patiently ran plans to the letter
Tried, true avenues always assumed better
Views I choose never empirically tested
Yet aggressively used despite outright déjà vus

Particular patterns appear
Mere well-kept creatures might abide their base fears
But above habitual safe rituals
Rides desire for higher fires of change

Improve moves edited or discredited
On animal-derived instinct
Think your way through each scene
Mean those things you do
Lean into new surprising cues

Evolution happens slowly
So don't devote yourself wholly
Novelty acts can backfire without moderation
Consider it a conversation played with interpretation
Let's talk hydration

We warm machines perform errors
Get flustered hot
Besot by simple terrors
Notable experience is potable
Drink till filled
You'll find time may renew that vital chill

Dwelling in past events does naught
Beside casting out doubt-fraught nets
Save up regret, pay upon death if necessary
Live life's full terms before contractually buried

This sounds instructional
Even though I'm just as dysfunctional
Oh no
Could these wise lyrics be wrong?
Should anyone take tips from song?

Hey, it's good advice, right?
Then again, familiar stuff feels quite nice
Like grabbing a slice
While my favorite show consumes another night
What's fun about fighting off small delights?


The end of the world won't come
From repeating dumb fun for the benefit of number one
It's sufficiently challenging to balance things
Between yesterday's habits and what tomorrow brings

Only you can decide for you
What's important or satisfying enough to redo
Through events both new and old
It's up to you to tell a life how it's meant to be told

Is this another mistake?
Is this the proper turn for the song to take?
This instructional tack is still a little whack

Let's go back and deconstruct this track


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