Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Inclusive Spirit

This song was created for Game of Bands round 155 : "Propaganda"


Yeah, the Punk World's inclusive / Everyone gets along
We're never abusive / We sing positive songs
So come down and join us / we're a well-blended group
You'll never annoy us / and will discover the truth!

We're all well adjusted, with backgrounds diverse
Nothing is busted, and everything works
We want to be healthy, nobody gets drunk
We'll help you get wealthy, (SHOUTED IN UNISON) so come be a Punk!

More than half of us women, we join from afar
Our coffers are brimming, we drive fancy cars
Affirmative action, that's what we're about
Equality's our passion, there's never a doubt

We work well together, from countries all over
And we'll be here forever, we keep our composure
We'll make you so happy, never will be in a funk
Problems solved gladly, (SHOUTED IN UNISON) so come be a Punk!


We're sisters and brothers, working in sync
Helpful fathers and mothers, who don't smoke or drink
Ignore all the bad things , that you heard about
We're pleasant, we sing - nice folks to point out

So come be a member of our tightly run club
All races are welcome, we'll show you our love
Everyone's equal, so pack up your truck
All perfectly legal, (SHOUTED IN UNISON) so come be a Punk!


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