Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 157 : "All Chorus"


Perhaps when we leave this mortal earth
Hindus see birth, death and rebirth
Samsara determines how you come back
If you were good or bad, determines your track
Devayana, first, the way of the gods,
For those who lived pure get the heavenly nod
Pitriyana is the way of the father
Chandraloka reward and rebirth is offered
Adhogati is for those who lived in sin
Are reborn as lower life forms, and then it begins

Oh dear lord on the day that I die
Please take my soul with you to the sky
Leave those that are evil to cry down below
But those that believe in your love always know
That we are the children in the home of the Lord!
Held in your arms we'll be loved and adored!
High above to heaven our souls they will soar!
And dwell in salvation in the arms of the Lord!

Solipsists say the universe is all in the brain
and upon your demise, everything that's contained
in the external world will no longer be
All will cease to exist, vanishing instantly
Others believe that we are part of "The Way"
and return to the cosmos or nirvana that day
Rejoin the life essence , something like "The Force"
Go back where we came from; return to the source

The Secular Humanists and Atheists believe
that when we expire , there's no soul that can leave
We simply end being, afterlife there is not
Our consciousness fades, and our bodies will rot
So what do you think, the notions you hold?
Did you judge for yourself, or believe what you're told
Whatever philosophy you give credence to
Live life to the fullest, we're all heading there soon


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