Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

25 Beech

This song was created for Game of Bands round 158 : "Holidays II"


Snowed in at 25 Beech again
Winter came early to me
Lucky there's beans in the pantry and jolly repeats on the radio

Look honey, there goes the heat again
Least I'll die listenin' to Crosby
Thought that I mailed out my annual Jack Frost protection money

This year I tried to sidestep the season
Now I fear the cold is trying me for treason

Strike out my 10:30 flight
What I'd give for the gift of a temperate clime
Even some coal would be fine
Maybe I'm a baby, but it's cold inside

Joys abound, there's the heat back
Time to climb down from Mt. Blanket
Don't know if I could have taken much more

Let's get some life into 25 Beech
I've got more cheer than the weather could leech
Lacking a tree, but I've got some fanciful lights In that pantry

Fa la la la la
Ho Ho Ho

This year I'll try to thaw myself
With a little bit of shoreline sensibility
Do you see the sea, as I do?
Sparkling like merry electricity

I can imagine the waves
Even as Jingle Bells plays
Let's hear Sandy Claws slay like this, even on Christmas day

Hangin' five at 25 Beech
The only enticing ice is in my drink
At midnight there's a bonfire at Fire Place
I wonder what Nick would think

Sand angels standing top the palm

Ain't gonna rain, dear, it's balmy here

Cloven clops emerging from coconuts

I think I hear the snowplows come to clear


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