Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Isn't It Lovely

This song was created for Game of Bands round 158 : "Holidays II"


Isn't it lovely?
The glowing
that eminates from the fire place

Snowflakes are slowly
Our hearts beating at a heightened pace

The cousins are playing
and anticipating
The gifts that they're praying
shall come to realize their Christmas dreams

Isn't it lovely?
The firplace, and pine and hot cocoa

Getting the loved ones
With Tinsel,and wine, and mistletoe

Coming together
joining hands at the table
and blessing a meal
for family and friends to treasure
Hoping we never
Take for granted the avail
of bonding with people
Valuable and beyond measure

Yeah, it's lovely
Spending time with the whole family while the snow comes down
It's so lovely
Brimming with excitement over the christmas tree with gifts all beneath it
Yeah, it's lovely
But none of this is possible without who's here, keeping in the spirit
It's so lovely
Gathering the loved ones under this one roof, singing for who'd hear it

It's the season for letting
The people around you be enough
The magic you're getting
is the company of the ones you love
and as you close your eyes
Sleigh bells are heard from up above
Start to realize
a Christmas that we've been dreaming of

In morning time snowfall, where santa is long gone
we find a most christmasy scene
Awaken to find that the gifts left behind
are exactly the things that you dreamed
although you're excited, the ones you've invited
have proven to be the best treat

isn't it lovely?


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